Verdite is a homeworld gem, who is a really big jerk. He has no friends because of his jerkish personality but he never cares.

Abilities Edit

He can summon a weapon, bubble and shapeshift, like other gems.

Weapon: A very sharp sickle

Abilities: Having the power to be more of a jerk than donald trump, being really fast and stuff

Trivia Edit

  • Verdite is based off of a character from a webcomic that pichoid likes. he is based off of Karkat and the webcomic is Homestuck
  • Another thing he is based off of is my other OC, Corundum (Who I have not made a page of yet), they are meant to be polar opposites, verdite can't shut up, and corundum doesnt speak. Corundum is nice, verdite is a HUGE JERK. Oh yeah, they are opposite genders, too.
  • Okay, I get it, I didn't belive in male gems, BUT I DON'T REALLY KNOW ANYMORE.