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  • Fluf59001

    Drawing requests

    October 21, 2015 by Fluf59001

    I get bored a lot, and I usually can't think of anything to draw.

    So request things for me to draw. I can't draw it right away tho, maybe around 1-3 days I will finish it.

    It can't violate Rules and please no complicated things. (Im horrible at drawing realistic humans BTW)

    I accept non-su requests too.

    idk tbh. 

    If an Gemsona/OC please specify its appearence (With a description or a picture)

    Please tell me if you want it in color or not.

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  • Fluf59001

    Chipped Theory

    September 3, 2015 by Fluf59001

    Yo! This is Fluf59001 here. I'm going to talk about a theory

    What happens to a gem when chipped?

    So, we seen a chipped gem ONCE (I think). 

    So the Ice Monster's gem looks chipped (Like a piece broken off)

    And so see that she... Broke apart..? She was defeated by Garnet and she literally broke apart, and her gem floated..? ERROR OR CLUE?!

    I have a theory that the Ice Monster's gem was possessing some ice somehow. She has a light blue body, looking like ice and breaking when damaged (Like ice). She lived in a frozen cavern, (Ice everywhere and cold enough for the ice to not melt).

    So what do you guys think?

    (I know that this is The Gem wiki)

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