Hello hello, this is EnderEmerald46, and welcome to my first blog, I run this place! Yes, you can comment your own suggestions, I'm okay with that. Anyway, onto my question...

The Question

If two gems were to, well, switch gems, what would happen?

Now, this has many questions to it, the main one being "how would they switch in the first place?", but if they can fuse together by dancing, I'm not exactly going to focus on that kind of stuff. Now, for one of my many downfalls, splitting things unnecessarily!

My Possible Outcomes

Now, these are going to come in no order whatsoever, just what I can write first.


  • Personality Swap (Ex. Pearl would be the messy slacker while Amethyst is the focused, slightly emotional one.)
  • Species Swap (Ex. Lapis would become a half-human half-gem, while Steven would become a gem...basically Steven would be a male Lapis, and Lapis would be a female Steven XD.)
  • Ability/Color Swap (Ex. Ruby would become the blue one with ice powers who would see the future while Sapphire would be the red one with fire powers. I'm not sure if that would mess with Garnet, but hey, take a chance and roll the dice.)
  • Body Swap (This one needs no explanation.)
  • I don't remember the other two.

Favorite Combo by Possibility

This is mainly a for-fun section, title says it all

  • Personality Swap: Pearl and Amethyst, Ruby and Sapphire
  • Species Swap: Steven and...well, anyone, but the main ones are Steven/Peridot and Steven/Lapis
  • Ability/Color Swap: Ruby and Sapphire...IDK XD
  • Body Swap: Too many to list. XD

List of References

Another for-fun section.

  1. "Hello Hello"- FNAF reference.
  2. "...welcome to my first blog, I run this place! Yes, you can comment your own suggestions, I'm okay with that."- Seananners reference.
  3. "...fuse together by dancing..."- Dragonball reference.
  4. "...but hey, take a chance and roll the dice."- Nightmare Before Christmas reference?
  5. "I don't remember the other two."- Rooster Teeth reference.

Finally, if you have any ideas for combos or possiblities/results, mention it in the comments. I'd love to see. EnderEmerald46 out!

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