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    Hello everybody, welcome to the sequel of Sharded! Now with a name that is much less humiliating! To explain, I called the last AU "Sharded" because that's what happens- Opal gets a soul SHARD put inside of her...A few jokes later, I reevaluate my naming career- that's why this AU took so long to make! I'm not lazy XD.

    Basically, this section is just for details from Sharded that I feel are completely necessary to mention before going into the story of Infused.

    1. The Mage from Sharded is actually me/Ender- in the story he was originally removed from Sard's kingdom due to "treason" (Which actually wouldn't be too far off, I'm sure it's known I really disliked how GPF acted in the past wiki) and came under the guise of a mage in order to conceal…

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    The Gem AU- Sharded

    September 1, 2015 by EnderEmerald46

    Hey everyone, it's time to introduce something else to this wiki- an AU. For a quick review of what an AU, it's basically a headcanon, or "Elements and interpretations of a fictional universe accepted by an individual fan, but not found within or supported by the official canon". Basically I made this AU based on this exact wiki. The story is below.

    It all began when a small group of people left the kingdom of an bad queen named Sarda. These people proceeded to form a small village. When the queen found out about this news, she became angry and sent someone to attack the small village. However, the person who she hired was very...eccentric, and took a piece of the queen's soul. That night the person came to the village and put the soul shar…

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    Gem Switching?

    August 12, 2015 by EnderEmerald46

    Hello hello, this is EnderEmerald46, and welcome to my first blog, I run this place! Yes, you can comment your own suggestions, I'm okay with that. Anyway, onto my question...

    If two gems were to, well, switch gems, what would happen?

    Now, this has many questions to it, the main one being "how would they switch in the first place?", but if they can fuse together by dancing, I'm not exactly going to focus on that kind of stuff. Now, for one of my many downfalls, splitting things unnecessarily!

    Now, these are going to come in no order whatsoever, just what I can write first.

    HERE WE GO!:

    • Personality Swap (Ex. Pearl would be the messy slacker while Amethyst is the focused, slightly emotional one.)
    • Species Swap (Ex. Lapis would become a half-human h…

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