I've seen Amber&Onyx and Pichoid do this so why not? The reward is me drawing a picture for you! But please make a simple request. Anyways, lets get started, all you have to do is guess the question correctly. Oh and unlimited guesses are allowed!

Round 1

1. Whats my favorite video game series? (Answer:Pokemon Winner:EnderEmerald46)

2. What is my favorite color? (Answer:Yellow Winner:Pichoid)

3. Whats my sisters name? (Answer:Madeline Winner:Aqualad124)

4. What is my favorite video game character? (Answer:Karate Joe Winner:Hydrarchy)

5. What is my favorite song (in Steven Universe)? (Answer:What Can I Do Winner:EnderEmerald46)

6. Who is my favorite su character (NOT COUNTING RAINBOW QUARTZ because that would be to easy to guess)? (Answer:Lapis Lazuli Winner:Fluf59001)

and thats the end of round 1! Lets begin the second round!

Round 2:The guessing game booguloo

1. What book am I currently reading? (Answer:The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Winner:EnderEmerald46)

2. Whats my favorite gemstone? (Not gem like a character, also any gems count even gems not shown in the show) (Answer:Thulite Winner:EnderEmerald46)

3. Whats my favorites food? (Answer:Chicken Chilli Winner:Fluf59001)

4. Whats my favorite mobile game? (I'm really stretching these lol) (Answer:Plants vs Zombies 2 Winner:EnderEmerald46)

5. Whos my favorite human character in su? (Answer:Nanefua Winner:Fluf59001)

And thats the end of round 2, will I do a third round? Maybe, only time will tell ;)