Exponent: A person who believes in, or promotes the benefits of an idea or theory. The Exponent Gems are a trio of Gems that somehow managed to get onto earth. All characters belong to Dylanmatt123.


Black Agate: Black Agate functions as the leader of The Exponent Gems. He keeps everyone on track, and is a natural leader.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine is the strategist for The Exponent Gems. He keeps everything in order, and is able to make use of even the most useless things.

Almandine: Almandine is the prominent fighter of the bunch. He lets his fist do the talking and will not hesitate to neutralize any threats.

Calcite: Calcite is the newest member of the group. She is currently serving as the technician who builds things for the group, but is otherwise not very useful, although she can come through in a pinch.

Half MembersEdit

Blue Zircon: Blue Zircon is a fusion of Aquamarine, and Blue Topaz. Blue Topaz is not a member of The Exponent Gems.

Fusion membersEdit

Andalusite: Aquamarine and Almandine when fused.

Fire Opal: Almandine and Black Agate when fused.

Cat's Eye: All three members fused.

Blue Quartz: Black Agate and Aquamarine when fused.

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