Smoky Quartz is a gemsona made by Fluf59001.

Personality Edit

Smoky Quartz is usually nice, joyful. and lazy. She often sleeps or relaxes, but can be woken up or startled easily. She is quick in battle, she usually outspeeds her enemies. She is sneaky and usually unseen when chasing someone. She likes things organized. She is creative in drawing, painting and plans. She is also pretty smart, but doesn't know much about Earth or its culture.

Appearance Edit

Smoky Quartz is shorter than Pearl, but taller than Amethyst. She has slightly messy black hair that reaches her back. Her skin is a gray color. She has very dark goldenrod eyes. Her gem is located on her neck and is shaped like a rupee. Her clothing depends on the RP.

Abilities & Weaknesses Edit

Smoky Quartz has standard gem abilities, such as fusing, shapeshifting, summoning a weapon, etc.

Shurikens: Shurikens are her summoned weapon, she usually summons multiple at one time and quickly hurls them at enemies.

Swiftness and agility: Smoky Quartz is usually fast and swifter than normal Gems.

Smoke manipulation: She doesn't have fire abilities, but can control smoke. She uses this ability to dodge attacks, flee from enemies, or to attack.

Sound manipulation/enhancement: Smoky Quartz can sense most sounds around her, even the most quietest of sounds, she can notice gems hiding near her. She can also stop a soundwave. She can transmit and hear telepathetic sounds.

Low Defense: Smoky Quartz has lower defense than lower gems, she takes a lot of damage when hit.

Distraction: Smoky Quartz is usually distracted by loud or high pitched noises, she is also easy to distract.

Gemstone Information Edit

  • Smoky Quartz is a type of Quartz, it can range from a brownish-gray, yellowish-gray and to a black
  • Smoky Quartz is known to relieve stress, tension, anxiety, and panic
  • Smoky Quartz is connected with nature
  • It is thought that Smoky Quartz could reduce smog in the air
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