Obsidian (Sheen Obsidian) is an elite gem of Blue Diamond's. She is an aristrocrat and a philosopher, but mainly, she helps the Diamond's make decisions. In gemology, Obsidian's have the ability to contact the spirit world. For obsidian, she can communicate with gem shards through meditation.

Personality Edit

She is a bit mean around gems who are lower than her (Aside from her bodyguard, Blue Jasper). She acts composed around other aristocratic gems. She always lifts up the mood with her dry humor. Obsidian's are said to heal depression, so gems who are going through hard times feel a lot happier around Obsidian despite her somewhat rude personality.

Relations Edit

Blue Jasper Edit

Blue Jasper is Obsidian's body guard. Obsidian has been close to Blue Jasper and has a lot of feelings for her. Although she is a bit cold to other gems, she acts very loving towards Blue Jasper when no gem is around (Because homophobia). She gets annoyed at how clingy Blue Jasper is, but it makes her feel like she is special as well.

Blue Diamond Edit

She has a lot of respect for Blue Diamond and feels as if she is a mother.

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