Labradorite is a gemsona made by Square.Bird.Mom

She is part of the illegal gem circus run by Opalite, known as the 'Magic Joker'. She is currently traveling around Homeworld with the 'circus' performing in shows.


Magic Joker


Runt (Opalite) Abra (Kunzite)




Any weapon she can summon with her magic


GenderlessIcon Genderless


FeminineIcon Feminine

Professional Status

Magic performer

Personal Status



Kunzite, Angel Aura Quartz, Fluorite


Planet Wisp Act 1 (Sonic)

Appearance Edit

Labradorite has pale blue-grey skin and messy, shoulder-length silvery black hair with orange at the tips. She has small, bright blue eyes and a large nose tinted orange. She wears a blue and green transparent covering on her shoulders down to her elbows. Underneath her covering is a black tank top with a white diamond in the middle for the placement of her gem, and orange-yellow, petal shaped designs at the tips, held up with a thin brown belt. She also wears short, light brown shorts and dark blue flats, completed with orange-yellow socks, matching the designs on her tank top.

Personality Edit

Labradorite is shown to be a carefree soul and often seen as rebellious or 'frivolous' by Opalite. All she is seen doing is wanting to have fun, often with her magic, and trying to make anyone she sees and knows laugh.

History Edit

Labradorite was only 1,000 years old when Homeworld began to colonize earth, and when the war began, she fought with Homeworld's side, although she really knew little about what was going on. Due to her magic being more powerful than basically any gems strengths, and that she can summon ANY weapon, she was able to shatter and crack many Crystal Gems. In the middle of the war (500 years in), Labradorite got randomly caught up in a fight with Opalite, who attacked and ambushed her. Opalite was able to, surprisingly, take her down with her clones and kidnap Labradorite to take her to be part of her then, new, gem 'circus'. For a while, Labradorite tried to fight back and attack Opalite, although every time she would lose and Opalite would beat her to the point of retreating into her gem. She then met the only other member of the time, Fluorite, and became friends with her. After a few thousand years when Kunzite and Angel Aura Quartz arrived, Labradorite began to return to her 'normal' playful self.

Abilities Edit

Like all other gems, Labradorite can shapeshift, bubble gems, retreat into her gemstone, fuse, and summon a weapon.

Magic: Labradorite is not only able to perform magic tricks, but various spells she uses as self defense and often, for fun. Her magic can take on many forms and all things summoned with her magic has a blue glow.

Weapon Forming: With her magic, Labradorite can summon ANY weapon. All, of course have the signature blue glow and heart symbols on the left, and diamond shapes on the right. Her most summoned weapon is a giant hammer.

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