Kunzite is a gemsona made by Sqaure.Bird.Mom.

She is a young gem who was kidnapped by Opalite for her future vision to be a part of her illegal gem 'circus'. She is currently traveling around Homeworld with the 'circus' telling other gems fortunes and performing in shows.


Child (Opalite) Poor kid (Labradorite, Fluorite) Fusion pal (Angel Aura)




Dual Daggers


FemaleIcon Female


FeminineIcon Feminine



Professional Status



Fortune Teller

Personal Status



Labradorite, Angel Aura Quartz, Fluorite

Appearance Edit

Kunzite has bubblegum pink skin and curly pink hair tied into a high ponytail by a white band. She has a small face with a button nose, rose cheeks and dark pink eyes with star shaped pupils. She wears a dark pink cloak that goes down to her feet with a triangle shaped opening at the chest for her gem. Under her cloak she wears a pastel pink sleeveless dress with a 2 white diamonds covering it, white gloves and matching white boots.

Personality Edit

Being raised all of her life under Opalites strict teachings, Kunzite has learned to behave and never question. She is often quiet and is softly spoken. Kunzite is very fearful of Opalite and does whatever she demands her to do.

History Edit

Almost immediately after emerging from a kindergarten on Homeworld, Kunzite was poofed by Opalite and taken to her fort. Having no memory of emerging, she was taught that Opalite was her creator and master and she was part of her 'circus'. Soon after joining the circus, she became friends with the other participants and was taught all about Homeworld's history and gem roles.

Abilities Edit

Like all other gems, Kunzite can shapeshift, bubble gems, retreat into her gemstone, fuse, and summon a weapon.

Dagger Wielding: Kunzite is able to wield dual daggers and attack enemies with them.

Dagger Storm: With her daggers, Kunzite is able to make the sky rain with daggers along with a pink mist.

Future Vision: Kunzite has the ability to see into the future, which she uses to tell the fortune of other gems.

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