Hematite is the quick witted messenger of all gem kind gifted with the power of speed


Hematite has glowing blond hair and golden eyes that sparkle like stars. He wears a greek tunic with silver armor on his chest and on his for arm that protects him in battle if needed. He is seen wearing a pair of winged sandals that grant him the power to travel at super sonic speeds witch benefits him in battle. His gem is located on his chest in the shape of a pair of wings.


The only thing that is faster then hematite's speed is his quick wit. He is shown to tease a lot when he is in battle or just hanging around but he always dose it in a friendly manner, except with enemy's. He is shown to goof around a lot and always enjoys a good joke but he dose know when to be serious when needed especially when he is delivering a message. Most of the time he will be scene laying around flipping his signature coin when he isn't delivering a message.


  • super speed
  • extreme agility
  • skilled combat skills
  • cat like reflexes


For this skilled messenger he is equipped first with a caduceus made of gold which has a pair of gold wings on the top of it. The weapon is more then a tool for combat, it is also the symbol of speed itself which makes the strikes from this weapon lightning fast. He is also equipped with a golden winged helmet that allows both protection and increased speed which proves great in the battle field.It is made of gold but the wings are white which gives him both incredible speed and cool looks.


  • Hematite is a Greek God reference to hermes
  • he is the quickest gem in existance
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