Era 2 Sapphire is a technician who serves Yellow Diamond,he usually repairs damadged ships,or anything which is technological,he is the only one of his kind.

Personality Edit

He is usually grumpy or cold,but can also be kind he gets happy when things go his way,he can also be salty sometimes he tries to act like a quartz or so to impress Yellow Diamond which he admires and respects,he is kinda smart and has read about the gem war and the cause of the rebelion,but he has never visited earth or knows anything about it,he has never gone on a mission,but he might go someday for now he is stuck as a repair gem,technician and a secretary.

Relationships Edit

Yellow Diamond:Yellow Diamond was the creator of Era 2 Sapphire,he admires her ever since he met her.

Appearance Edit

Era 2 Sapphire is small like era 2 peridots,he has a blue visor and a blue standard homeworld uniform,his gem is a facetless round blue sapphire located in his forehead.


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