Calcite is a technician that has been made on a kindergarten on Earth, and has never been off planet.

Appearance Edit

Calcite is short and skinny, similar to Peridot. Calcite wears a pale white sweater and light gray pants. She has short hair that is also pale white, and often doesn't wear any footwear.

Personality Edit

Calcite is very serious, self centered, and passionate. She cares mostly about herself and only shows empathy for those who she trusts. She has joined the Exponent Gems, but mostly for protection as she hasn't really mastered any gem powers that she possesses. She will often back talk and argue with others, and even the most civil conversations can erupt into an argument with her. She is mistrusting of most people, and she is anti-social and hyperactive. She has difficulty focusing on things she considers to be boring.

Abilities Edit

Calcite has the abilities that come standard in most gems, such as using a weapon, shape-shifting, and fusion.

Weapon: Calcite's weapon is currently unknown, as she hasn't been able to correctly summon it.

Technopathy: Calcite is a technopath, which means she can control technology with her mind.

Flash-melt/burn: Calcite can on occasion cause a powerful flash that can cause ice to melt, or cause other things to catch on fire.

TBA: Most of her abilities are still manifesting, so most of her powers are unknown.

Image information
Calcite's gemstone is located on her right temple. It is shaped hexagonally.
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