Blue jasper

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Blue Jasper works as Obsidian’s bodyguard. She was a gift from pink diamond to Obsidian. Whenever temples are constructed for Obsidian to attend, Blue Jasper is stationed close to Obsidian since Obsidian is a very mystical gem. Blue Jasper has a small crack inside her gem, but only Obsidian knows of this. Sometimes Blue Jasper has to surpress her glitches and this causes her a lot of mental pain. Obsidian loves Blue Jasper too much to tell the Diamonds.

Personality Edit

She is very silent. She hates talking about herself, because she believes herself to be a mistake. She is gentle and kind around Obsidian, but cold and quiet around others. She is salty when Obsidian treats her as a lower gem however. She has abandonment issues, so she hates to be away from Obsidian too much, shes clingy and it's not healthy.

Relations Edit

Obsidian Edit

She has a very complicated relationship with Obsidian. Due to Obsidian being a gem believed to help those with depression, Blue Jasper is very drawn to Obsidian. Blue jasper is very dependent on Obsidian, but tries to keep her feelings secret. Blue Jasper dislikes Obsidian's cold attitude, but yet admires Obsidian for being so bold. Obsidian is only kind to Blue Jasper when no other gem is around (because homophobia yo), and Blue Jasper cherishes the moments she gets to be with Obsidian.

Bloodstone Edit

Bloodstone is a quartz warrior who came out of the hole next to Blue Jasper. She is kind to Blue Jasper, but they later got separated after the war for Earth when Blue Jasper was assigned as Obsidian's body guard.

Trivia Edit

- She is nicknamed Blue Jay, because when she came out of her kindergarten, a blue jay was at the entrance and it scared her. Her fellow quartz warriors still tease her about it when they see her.

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