Bloodstone is a Gemsona made by Fluf59001 (More coming soon)

Personality Edit

Bloodstone is a quiet, calm Gem. She was one of the most powerful Gems during the Rebellion. She is quiet and socially awkward and has a few friends.

Abilities Edit

Bloodstone is a strong Gem, she has normal Gem abilities such as fusion, summoning a weapon, etc.

Endurability: Bloodstone has increased endurance, she can take a lot of hits without getting poofed into her gemstone.

Sense: Bloodstone could sense all kinds of life within 10 feet of her.

Organic Reconstruction: Bloodstone can heal all damaged organic life, but she cannot heal any Gem damage.

Weaknesses Edit

Temperature Change Vulnerability: Unlike most Gems, Bloodstone is weak to Temperature Changes and extreme weather conditions.

Gemstone Information Edit

  • Bloodstone is a gem with red spots, making it look like blood.
  • Heliotrope is also a name for Bloodstone
  • Bloodstone is connected with blood, removing energy blocks, preventing bleeding.
  • Bloodstone is a protection and endurance stone.
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